Signal Dynamic Launches Redcare Replacement

BT surprised the market in February by announcing the closure of its Redcare division in August 2025, leaving customers searching for an alternative alarm signalling solution.
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We’ve launched a next-generation alarm signalling system to offer the industry a replacement for BT’s popular Redcare service.

BT surprised the market in February by announcing the closure of its Redcare division in August 2025, leaving customers searching for an alternative alarm signalling solution.

Our platform is the vital link between a home or business alarm system and an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), where trained teams of security professionals help to keep premises safe.

If an intruder or fire alarm is triggered, our platform will send an instant alert to the ARC, so the team can investigate whether the threat is real or a false alarm. If the threat is genuine, the ARC team instantly alerts emergency services so they can respond to the incident.

With insurers often requiring policyholders to have a specific type, and grade, of alarm signalling system operating in their residential or commercial premises, having a product choice in the market is of vital importance.

The alarm signalling market in the UK has for many years been dominated by two key players – BT and CSL Group.
Following BT’s recent Redcare announcement, our platform will plug the looming gap in the market.

We’ll be exhibiting at the upcoming The Security Event, at Birmingham’s NEC, and believe our next-generation network will resolve a major issue now facing the industry and hundreds of thousands of customers nationwide.
Our Director, Chris Byrd, said: “The withdrawal of BT from the alarm signalling market will have come as a shock to the industry, which is now left with the dilemma of where to go for a replacement service.

“It’s a really significant and important market. If you own a home or business, you want it to be safe and secure, and to know that, if anything does happen, you can count on an automatic and rapid response from trained professionals.

“Our platform is suitable for both residential and commercial premises, and provides an effective, robust and fully-compliant solution for intruder and fire signalling.

“At a time when the market is set to lose one of its two key players, we’re reassuring the security industry that a credible replacement is available to transition to and provide continuity.”

Our next-generation network comprises of three main devices.‘Supervisor Core’ is designed for single-path monitoring at grades SP2-SP3+, and is available in IP and 4G variants.
‘Supervisor Duo,’ as its name suggests, offers dual-path monitoring at grades DP2-DP3, with our ‘Supervisor Elite’ device providing customers with dual-path monitoring at grade DP4.

All three devices are small, inobtrusive and easy to install and maintain. They offer a wide range of configurations and comms setups, making them the ideal choice for even the most complex intruder and fire alarm systems.

We offer connectivity across the entire UK, ensuring reliable alarm signalling for all locations.

Alarm signals are delivered to the designated ARC centre in less than a second in more than 95% of cases, using a powerful and secure mobile data network.

Our network is also directly connected into ECHO (Electric Call Handling Operations), a relatively new platform which enables ARCs to notify police control rooms of an incident even more rapidly.

Britannia Monitoring Services in Goole, East Yorkshire, will be one of the first ARCs to adopt our network. The customer-focused ARC monitors around 4,000 homes and business premises around the country.

The company’s technical expertise enables them to assist fire and security installers with any signalling questions they may have, alongside conversion assistance.

Britannia Monitoring Services Director Steve Davies said: “It’s so important to have diversity of products in the market and for customers to have a choice of where to go.

“We’ve already heard from customers who have invested in BT Redcare and who are now looking for an alternative product. Signal Dynamic’s network offers that alternative to them.

“With a significant space set to open up in the market, after the closure of Redcare, we think Signal Dynamic is an ideal replacement.”

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